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About Chef James

Our Executive Chef James Belton is the culinary heart and soul of Café De Belton. Born and raised in the eclectic city of New Orleans, it was there that Chef James became deeply impassioned with the art of cooking.

From spending countless hours in the kitchen as a child, to serving in the US military for many years and multiple deployments.  Chef James has undoubtedly been destined for a blissful career in the world of food. Chef James started cooking at the age of 7 by frying his first egg, garnering inspiration from his mother and uncle. He delved into the professional world by first working at Denny’s restaurant, then later climbed to Whiteglove Catering,  the New Orleans Convention Center and then the US Army.

For the past 3 years, Chef James has been responsible for creating the menus at Rockfish Camp and Retreat Center; where he caters to over 200 guests and staff every day.

Under his direction, he successfully launched Café De Belton in Fayetteville, North Carolina to share the unique, savory taste of New Orleans’ cuisine with the rest of the country. Café De Belton aspires to be on the leading edge of New Orleans cuisine, combining menu creativity, outstanding flavor and colorful plate presentations to customers in North Carolina and across the USA. When Chef James is not in the kitchen, he enjoys fishing, working at his church, and traveling.

Chef James’ motto in life is “Put God first and you'll always succeed.”

Portrait of Chef James Belton III
chef james with two women holding a plush piano toy
chef james and woman pictured together
group picture of chef James with three women