What our customers are saying...

Chef James, Thank you for the amazing center piece you designed for my baby shower.  The baby carriage fruit tray was truly a delicious and festive touch to a joyous moment in our lives

Marissa & Nick

What our customers are saying

The food is amazing and authentic!  I have been eating Chef James cooking for years. He is the real deal

Tenee Dotson

What our customers are saying

Chef James, you are the bomb diggity.  Thank you so much for the delicious pies.  Due to the storm, the wedding reception was thrown off but we were able to enjoy the pies not only in cute pictures but also at the "After party". They were the best... 

 Caroline Marrozoff

What our customers are saying

Great Chef!  Looking forward to a shrimp poboy!!!

Cedric Cook

What our customers are saying

BEST FOOD IN TOWN, Fresh, seasoned and price is reasonable

Angie Puddin West

What our customers are saying

Cafe De Belton, Great Food, Great Serve, and Highly recommended

Jessica Danielle Alton

What our customers are saying

Thanks Cafe De Belton!  Great Job on our All Daughter's banquet.  The dinner was delicious and there was more than enough for everyone.  The reasonably priced meal worked well with our budget.  Thanks again from the Presbyterian Women of MacPherson Church

Judy Conner

What our customers are saying

Y'all want the best food in town, here is your Chef!  The various meals are more than can ever mentioned if satisfaction and quantity and more important quality this is the Best!!!!!!!

George Tsaganos

What our customers are saying

Chef and his team catered my mother's 90th Birthday at MacPherson Presbyterian Church.  The food was plentiful and delicious.  We had a Fruit Tray, Veggie Tray, Pasta Salad, his Special Potato Salad, Meatballs, (Turkey and Beef), Chicken Wings and Chicken Strips.  Everyone at Church raved about the food and wanted his card.  The highlight was the made from scratch Birthday Cake and his brownies which are heavenly.  We enjoyed the food and his company so much that we had him to cater our, All Daughter's Banquet.  As before, the compliments, " Loved we have him on speed dial for the next function".

Barbara Chapman Nellis